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My name is Greg, aka Redo, I’m a serial entrepreneurial geek, a CTO and Visionary Software Architect with a lifelong passion for Big Data, NLU, Artificial Intelligence and Sentiment Analysis.

I’m the co-founder of xBrain, Inc., which has created an easy to use cloud-based platform for next generation intelligent web developers. The xBrain platform supports natural communications between any object or device in the Internet of Things to enable simple applications which model human intelligence.

I’m passionate about a connected world where universal access to information and knowledge frees people to achieve their full potential.

My rules of engagement are : « innovation, ethics, delivery, spirited teams, think by design, passion, create wellness and wealth”. In the meantime, don’t forget to have fun… and to change the world!

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Here is my brief history

I began my career in 1996 in Belgium University Research in Technologies/Programming and created my first software company in 1997 in Web Development.

Through my professional activities in the various companies I created or worked for (Form&Soft, MMFactory, Wygwam, RunAtServer, SmartUse, Oscaro.com, xBrainSoft, …). In the meantime, I’m a writer for many Medias (Books, Blogs, French Magazines, etc.). and worldwide conferences speaker about Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Innovation and Technologies Vision.

I’m more recognized as a Object Oriented Programming expert (especially by the french Open-Source Community and Microsoft with the title of Most Valuable Professional from 2003 to 2013 and the Regional Director title since 2006).

My focus are Vision for Technological Uses and Innovation Architecture.

My favorite programming languages are : C#, Python and I spend a lot of time in NLTK  and Python for AI.  My personal research are on how anticipate  and follow the mood of people and groups of people by Opinion Mining (Sentiment Analysis) through the natural language.

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